Music Unites Souls Everywhere

We are an artist founded company whose vision is to accelerate the revolution of the music artist economy of tomorrow to ensure it is owned, controlled, and governed by artists for artists. We embody creativity, innovation, and transparency on our mission to empower artists and use the power of music to unite souls everywhere.

We are building the future of the music business with 50/50 net profit deals that give artists 100% ownership of their masters and publishing while providing all the services they need to thrive; label, booking, management and publishing. We don't sell music, we build communities of fans through our music and sell ancillary products and services based around each artist's brand.

We provide the services of a music label without the bureaucracy or overbearing practices of a traditional label. We have a dedicated in house music production and engineering team that works with our business team to ensure our artists have everything they need to create, promote and monetize their music.

Our Team

Dan San

Co-Founder & CEO


Artist, Co-Founder & Head of Music Administration

Darren White

Co-Founder & CTO

Khirsten Harper

Art Director






Sound Engineer & Producer

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